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Download Mahabharat Full Episodes: The king agreed and Pandavas were informed accordingly. Yudhisthira and his brothers were also happy to be given an opportunity to mix with the people of their kingdom and to get first-hand information about their problems and well being. Therefore, accompanied by their mother, Kunti, the Pandavas decided to attend the exhibition at Varnavata.

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Download Mahabharat Full Episodes: As was customary, the organisers decided to build a temporary palatial house for their stay. The job was entrusted to an expert contractor whom Shakuni knew very well. Bribing the contractor, Duryodhana and Shakuni executed a secret plan to put an end to the life of Pandavas. It was decided that the palace that would house the Pandavas should be constructed out of highly inflammable material like Lac. The contractor completed his job meticulously and it was not possible to detect any foul play by a cursory examination of the house.